South Tyrolean Traditions and Culture

To spend a vacation on a farm means to be able to experience South Tyrolean traditions and culture first hand.

There is Tyrolean evening entertainment in Meransen’s event hall in summer and in fall: Let Tyrolean brass band music and Schuhplattler entertain you.

At the end of September, the yearly “Almabtrieb”, the cattle drive from the mountain pasture back to the farms, takes place in Meransen. After spending the summer months on mountain pastures of the Meransen alps, the cattle are rounded up by the farmers and brought home into the warm stables. The richly decorated matriarch of the herd leads the way of the procession of cows embellished with flowers, ribbons and plaques painted with proverbs and saints. This colorful show is also accompanied by the returning herdsmen and dairymen, who offer a swig of farmer’s schnapps called “Minggelen” to the spectators along the route. Around noon, the procession arrives at Meransen’s festival hall, where the traditional farmer’s festival will take place.


During summer, the following holiday processions will take place in Meransen: Corpus Christi, Sacred Heart, Assumption Day and for the Three Holy Virgins.

The Lindenweg

The Birkenhof is situated amidst lush green meadows and forests, which are crisscrossed by narrow country lanes and hiking trails. The well-known “Lindenweg” (pilgrimage route) passes right by our farm. This legendary century old trail runs from Mühlbach (Rio di Pusteria) to the pilgrimage church of Saint James and the Holy Three Virgins in Meransen and was first mentioned in the Atlas Tyroleans in 1774. Paved with thousands of granite blocks, the pilgrimage route “Lindenweg” is one of South Tyrol’s most impressive cobbled trails. The path is lined with shrines of the virgins.

Virgins’ respite

The legend tells of three virgins fleeing from Attila, king of the Huns, to have taken a rest under Linden trees on a road near Meransen. This respite is a memorial today and is marked by a small spring, a cherry tree and a bas-relief of the Holy Three Virgins by Friedrich Gurschler.

Panorama platform on the Gitschberg

Visit the panorama platform on the Gitschberg – you will never forget the panoramic view of the over 500 mountain peaks stretching from South Tyrol over the Dolomites, the Zillertal, Stubai and Ötztal alps.