The Köck Family

We cordially welcome our guests to the Birkenhof farm in Meransen!

We are farmer Walter, his wife Klara and the children Julia, Norbert and Michaela, as well as Grandma Luise and Grandpa Hans. We all strive to turn our guests’ well deserved vacation at the farm in Meransen (Maranza) into a pleasant and refreshing experience.
Our daughter Julia has already started a new family with her husband Julian, and they have blessed us with two grandchildren, Lucy and Valentin.

Even though our children Julia, Norbert and Michaela all hold jobs away from the farm, they still help out on the farm as much as they can during the weekends and in the summer.

Grandma Luise and Grandpa Hans have been enthusiastic beekeepers for many years, thus you can enjoy the fruits of their labor at the breakfast buffet. During the winter, Grandpa Hans still goes to the stables in the evening to make sure all farm animals are taken care of. Grandma Luise is always ready to pitch in; she takes care of all the flowers on the balconies and is a great help in our garden during the summer.